Valentines - Antiques and Chic is feeling the love!

The 14th of February is nearly upon us again so what are you going to do for the love of your life? 

Dating back to Roman times, Valentines Day has come in many shapes and forms from its pre-Christian origins, involving nudity and whipping, to the French in the 15th Century opening a court in Paris "The High Court of Love" dealing with affairs of the Heart. Ooh l'amour!

Today a somewhat commercial affair but I think as many would agree in this quick paced world a gentle reminder to step back and show our appreciation for that someone we love! Chocolates, flowers and jewellery... all traditional gifts at Valentines and this is where Antiques and Chic come in!

Okay, so we cannot help with the flowers or chocolates but how about some beautiful vintage costume or fine jewellery with prices to suit all pockets.  Thinking for him or her.  Even, a one off antique or collectable that will show how very thoughtful you really are! 

So come on then and show your love!


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