Its Black Friday at Antiques and Chic: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....

Christmas is coming and this is signalled by UK retailers all jumping on the bandwagon of Black Friday.  We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but this has not stopped shops from enjoying a pre Christmas day of commercial carnage.  According to statistics most stores have 10 - 15% of their stock on sale all year round as it is, so one can question how much retailers are actually discounting.

We have an alternative here at Antiques and Chic as you get a discount every day of the year whether its on our website with a "Best Offer" or in our shop with a bit of a haggle! Instead of being lured into buying an item that you do not need because it's "cheap" and being part of the blood bath that ensues in some stores,  come and visit us for a one off gift , a unique item that you can get at a price that is good for you!

Black Friday is every day at Antiques and Chic and you won't see people fighting over Sheraton sideboards here!




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  • Hear hear. Excellent posting!wonderful items always at Antiques &. Chic.

    Bernice Abrahams

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