Bars and pubs at the bottoms of gardens, mancaves and Dad's shed have long been associated with a space for men to express themselves or hide away in! Pubs are not as popular as they used to be and therefore spending hours with friends and family in these new spaces is all the rage.

At Antiques&Chic we have a regular influx of men coming in to purchase items especially for their end of garden bars.  Of particular interest is anything drink and sports related. However, the weird and wacky for example some taxidermy is also very popular.  Let's just say anything their partners would not allow in the house.  We like to call them "Mantiques".

Men have never stopped collecting "stuff" as throughout the ages there have always been cabinets of curiosities and natural history collections. This is just the modern version of this.

From globes with concealed drinks cabinets and car showroom tyre tables, we have it all at A&C.  A recent favourite were jet engines turned into stools, vintage pub mirrors, old school maps and just in vintage car dealer manuals.

So check out now our "mantiques" collection.

Also loads more "stuff" in our other collections.  



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