Ultimate Guide to Antiques and Collectables with Crooksey Episode 2: Antique Buying as a Great Investment

Ultimate Guide to Antiques and Collectables with Crooksey Episode 2: Antique Buying as a Great Investment

As we all know the current financial markets do not lend themselves to those who want to make money on their savings.  Although gradually improving the returns are very small.

You may never have thought that investing in Antiques and collectables is a way to increase your savings pot or even provide a nest egg for you or your children, but this is where you may be wrong and with some shrewd buying you could potentially have some impressive long-term returns.  

  1. Do your research : you could say that it is a guessing game to a certain extent but keep an eye on the buying trends of antiques, it is awash on the internet. A recent example, something that we can confirm at Antiques and Chic is that clocks are back and selling really well.  People are fed up with digital and are harking back to the days of a real ticking clock.They are functional but look superb as a show piece in your room. From small mantle clocks to stunning grandfather clocks - we are definitely seeing a surge in sales. (See our great selection of clocks!)
  2. What are the antiques of the future?  As time ticks on certain eras become "vintage" or "Antique". As we move towards the 2020s, items from the1970s and 1980s will begin to be seen as more than just collectables but serious eras of design of sleek modernism and bold neon colours.  Buy it now whilst it is still affordable as who knows where prices may go.
  3. Invest in the unusual - rare items are usually the most valuable. Items that are quirky, unusual in shape or just made really well.
  4. Brown furniture as we all know and we can confirm here at Antiques and Chic Headquarters is definitely on the up.  Prices are the best they have been in over 20 years but are just beginning to increase in price.  Overseas investors especially in the Asian markets are already buying up huge hoards of the stuff, so get in there now and start buying it up.( See our great collections of furniture!)



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